WP Business

From: $99.99 / month

Managed WordPress Business Hosting

Our WordPress managed hosting provides you with the stability, performance, and security you need to manage today’s modern websites. You'll also get access to some of your favorite premium plugins and themes.

  • Powerful LEMP stack
  • Fully tuned NGINX with FastCGI
  • PHP7.4, MySQL8, and Redis 5 Object Cache (no need for caching plugins)
  • Snapshot Failover HA (high availability)
  • Strong firewalls & Hardened Servers
  • Highly performant 6G firewall and a ModSec 3+ compatible WAF (web application firewall) with the OWASP 10 rule-set already in place
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Malware Detection and AV
  • Automatic WSOD (white screen of death) resolution
  • Visual Confirmed UpdateSafely

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